"Coming Home..Fighting AIDS with Culture" is a bold and progressive message on issues surrounding HIV &AIDS.  Using Trinidad as a case study, the film explores cultural impacts on HIV & AIDS epidemic in the wider Caribbean.

"Coming Home" is made up of 6 sections: A for Abstinence, Be Faithful, Condomize, Do get tested, Educate Yourself, as well as a special sex and sexuality section.  It is ideal to use in an institution/classroom setting.  

Voices of Hinduism, Rastafaria, Islam, Orisha, Catholicism, the carnival culture, the national response to the pandemic and an HIV positive participant - all share their views on abstinence, condoms, relationships and sex.  It's a colorful, multicultural essay, with a powerful voice. 

Jasmine Murrell is a Brooklyn-based visual artist. She uses a wide range of media including installation, sculpture, land art, and film to invoke a transformative experience around historical erasures.  This piece features an insightful interview and some of her brilliant work. 

"Coming Home Fighting AIDS With Culture" - RT 98 mins

"PANCAP @ 10" Filmed in several Caribbean nations, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and the South American country of Guyana - the piece takes a look at the work that the Pan Caribbean Partnership against HIV & AIDS is doing in the region among vulnerable populations.  The piece was done for the organizations' 10th anniversary. 

Kennedy Island Tours - a really fun shoot! Hanging and filming with tour guide Wayne Kennedy is a memorable experience.   The film highlights a typical tour day and some of the most untouched beauty on the island of Tobago.  

"Damaged Goods"  - RT 92 mins

This is a short bio on herbalist and traditional healer, Francis Morean. We spent the day with him while he took us on tour of forests and showed us the many trees with healing properties used for generations on the island of Trinidad and Tobago.


Over the years I worked with the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Alliance (CHAA) to develop educational videos for the Caribbean and Latin American Region.  The Female Condom Study was a project filmed in Antigua and takes a look at how sex workers were educated to use the female condom in their work.  

Annie Lee Moffett is a N.Y. based singer and actresses. Being

a part of the global collective "HowdoyousayyaminAfrican" allowed me to work with some amazing artists - Annie Lee is one of them.  This video-bio shows  the brilliance the versatility and rage of her work.

Capelton - I always enjoy filming live concerts.  Over the years I've had the opportunity to film severaly respected artists.  One of my favorites is ,  Jamaican, Grammy award winning reggae and dancehall artist, Capelton.  He is also referred to as King Shango, King David, The Fireman and The Prophet.  This piece was an intimate interview and he talks a bit about how culture, politics and music intertwine. 

New York and Rome based artist C. Finley is known for her elaborate geometric paintings, skillful use of color and her activism through street art.  Her famous Wallpapered Dumpsters has been featured in the New York Times, and other mainstream press.  This piece features an intimate interview with her and highlights some of her work including her Mandala. 

"Damaged Goodsis a documentary portrait of five individuals living with the stigma of HIV/AIDS.  The film features interviews  with medical authorities, prominent activists in the fight against the disease and everyday Americans whose knowledge about the virus is alarmingly incomplete!

Directed by filmmaker Nadia Buckmire, the film also includes an original musical score by artists Rahi High, Wendy Adams and cellist Erich Kory.